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Budding Mountaineer or Fair-Weather Walker... Which Are You?

The Summit Junkies is a membership-only Mountain Activities Group, aimed at providing a variety of fell & mountain walks (including scrambling), climbing & abseiling events, short expeditions (including wildcamping and bothying), social events and weekends away for like minded and active people. We have regular weekend activity events for all abilities in locations throughout the UK, including the Lake District, the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Glencoe, the Cairngorms and even further afield. We're also prone to letting our hair down from time-to-time, whether indulging in a bit of post-summit partying or scoffing burgers at a summer barbie.

Be warned though, fair-weather walkers we're not!! We go out in all kinds of weather and ground conditions, whilst paying heed to the safety of our members, that is, and have activities all year round - for example, we have before now carried out a winter ascent of Ben Macdhui where the temperature at the outset was a nice, crisp -18°C and navigated in the pitch black and driving rain to a wildcamp location, as well as traversing Crib Goch in beautiful sunshine - with the Summit Junkies we take the rough with the smooth... it's being out there that drives us.

So, if you like it tough we can deliver. But, just in case you're still fairly new to the fells & mountains, we also have regular introductory and intermediate level events aimed at introducing people to the group gently!

Activity Management

Any activity carried out in a fell or mountain environment has an intrinsic degree of risk and danger attached to it. Accordingly, all our activities are led by individuals who have been trained at a level commensurate with the activity being carried out and who, in event of injury or illness, are trained in first-aid.

Our Inclusion Policy

Summit Junkies does not discriminate against anyone joining on grounds of age, ability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. We only ask that you ensure that any activity that you undertake with us is within the capabilities of yourself, your clothing and your equipment - each event that we undertake is graded and given a full description in our Events Diary, and there are sections within the website to help you confirm whether or not an event is suitable for you. However, due to legal restrictions, we do have to restrict membership to over 18s only.

So What Are You Waiting For!!!

Membership is just £29.50 for a full twelve months - joining is easy and your Membership Card is mailed first class within a few days of signing up. For further details, click the link below:

If you're still not convinced you want to be a member, why not join us on one of our events as a Guest, from just £5 per event. A list of events on which Guests are welcome can be accessed via the link below:

We Look Forward to Meeting You!