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Welcome to Summit Junkies Temporary Activities & Events Information Page (as at 1st Jan 2011)

In the past few months, when work commitments and urges to be in the mountains have allowed, I have been building the Summit Junkies Website. The Website will be rolled out in three stages with Stage One now being just weeks from being completed.

Stage One - will include a Welcome Page, a Walks Diary Page, a series of Advice & Information Pages, a Gallery Page, a Group Information Page and a Contact Page

Stage Two - will add a Members Login Page, a Social Events Page and a series of Group Committee Pages

Stage Three - will add a Message Board, a Forum, a Members Gallery Page and a series of Committee Administration Pages

Until we get the website up and running properly we hope that, as a member of the Summit Junkies Mail List, you will find the following information useful. Note that until such time as Stage Two of the Website is launched you get the opportunity to attend all events, excepting where cost is incurred to the Group, free of charge. As much as commitments allow, we will continue to send out regular bulletins to let you know what we are up to.

Activities & Events for 2011

The programme for 2011 has now been drafted to include activities and events right up to 31st December 2011. Note that the programme does not include any social events (excepting a Group Trip to the Highland Games in Braemar in early September 2011). Only once Stage Two has been rolled out, which will include formalising membership details for the Group and setting up a Group Committee (with a Socials Secretary), will social events be introduced on a regular basis.

So, click on the link below to see what we're up to in 2011 and if there is anything you are looking to come along on let me know asap so that I can get you on the provisional attendees list.

Summit Junkies Activities & Events List 2011

We Look Forward to Seeing You!